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Keeping Your Dog Healthy

We all want the best for our pets, especially when it comes to keeping them healthy. Dog vaccinations play an essential role in keeping your pet healthy and help you avoid stressful and costly treatments for fatal yet preventable infectious diseases.

The House Call Vet is an Australian-owned and run Veterinary clinic providing affordable, personalised care to your furry companions across Brisbane.

With clinics in Sunnybank and Kenmore, we are open late for your convenience. Whether you need regular check-ups, vaccinations or emergency care, our expert team is here to assist.

For busy owners, our Mobile Units are fully equipped to assist you and your pet, in the convenience of your own home!

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The Dog Vaccination Solution

Newborn dogs and puppies aren’t naturally safe from diseases. Without the help of vaccinations, they are highly susceptible to a number of dangerous illnesses. While they do have some antibody security from their mother, this does not last and this natural immunity wears off.

To keep gaps in protection as narrow as possible and to provide optimal protection against disease for the first few months of life,t is recommended that puppies are vaccinated for the first time at around 6 weeks of age with additional immunisations given at 3 to 4 weeks intervals.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Even though some formerly common diseases have now become a rare occurrence, vaccination is still highly recommended as these serious disease agents continue to be present in the environment. Taking your dog to the vet for vaccines, boosters, or titers over the course of their life may seem inconvenient, especially if they remain indoors. However, the diseases that inoculations protect us against are deadly and expensive to treat.

Vaccinations have been developed and produced to contain a weak version of the disease that triggers your pet’s body to produce antibodies. If your dog catches the same disease in the future their body an immune system is able to effectively identify and destroy the disease-causing organisms. This reduces the risk of contracting and falling ill with dangerous, life threatening diseases.

All dogs are unique, with a variety of factors that can influence what vaccination is best for your pet. This includes age, breed, gender, environment, family, overall health and risk of exposure. Whether you need an annual booster vaccine or have a puppy who needs their first shots, when you choose The House Call Vet, you can trust that your companion will receive the finest care. We strive to meet your needs for first-class veterinary care in Brisbane with caring, compassion, and commitment!

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Core & Non-Core Dog Vaccines

Protect Your Dog Against Fatal Disease

There are a number of different dog vaccinations for a variety of illnesses. It can be confusing to know which vaccinations your pet needs.

Core vaccinations are essential to the health of your pet. Non-core Vaccinations are based on the lifestyle of your pet to protect your pet from diseases common in certain environments, such as kennels. Here is an overview of the diseases that vaccinations will help your pet to avoid.

Canine Distemper is a highly contagious viral disease that affects a dog’s respiratory tract (lungs), gastrointestinal tract (gut) and nervous system (brain). 

Infectious canine hepatitis or canine adenovirus is a viral disease spread by contact with infected animals, their stools, urine or saliva. It affects the liver, kidneys and cells lining the blood vessels.

Canine Parvovirus, also known as Cat Flu, is is a very common viral disease that is deadly and usually strikes young puppies. It spreads by infected dogs’ blood, stools or vomit.

Canine Parainfluenza is another infectious viral disease that can be one of the causes of Bordetella Bronchiseptica or “kennel cough”. It affects the respiratory tract and spreads quickly among dogs close to one another.

Rabies is a viral infection that affects the central nervous system and can result in paralysis or death which is why this vaccination is so crucial for your puppy’s health. Sometimes, a titre test is performed to test if your pet has been immunised against rabies if proof of vaccination is needed

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Affordable & Accessibile Vet Care

The House Call Vet strive to make our veterinary care affordable for all pet owners and continue to grow our service areas to ensure all pets across Brisbane have the opportunity to receive the best care possible.

We run a complimentary pet transport service that makes organising in-clinic procedures easy and stress-free!

Our convenient payment plans through third-party providers such as Humm and Vetpay allow you to manage payments in small instalments.

For non-urgent, in-clinic procedures ask about our Flexible Booking Benefit. By allowing us to choose the day and clinic for your pet’s procedure, we are able to improve cost and efficiency by booking similar procedures on the same day.

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Dog Vaccinations: Who are We?

The House Call Vet is a comprehensive and modern veterinary practice in Brisbane that combines traditional veterinary clinics with an advanced house call service. With our fleet of house call vehicles and network of veterinary hospitals, we are able to care for pets across Brisbane.

Our custom-designed Mobile Veterinary Units (MVUs) act as our consult rooms, fanning out from our clinic bases each morning to see pets across Brisbane. Our MVUs are equipped with microscopes, scales, diagnostic equipment, and a fully-stocked pharmacy so that most pets can be treated at home. If in-clinic care is needed, we provide complimentary patient transport to and from our surgeries.

Our state of the art veterinary clinics act as our regional ‘hospitals’, providing comprehensive facilities where pets can be taken when they require in-clinic care such as surgeries, x-rays or dental procedures. Our clinics also perform in-clinic consultations every day for our patients who prefer to come to visit us at the clinic!

This model ensures that no matter what level of care your pets needs, and regardless of whether you prefer in-home or in-clinic appointments, we can be there for you and your pet.