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Keep your feline friend happy and healthy with leading diagnostic imaging, with Brisbane's finest cat vets.

Diagnostic Imaging For Cats

Getting The Best Care For Your Feline

Cat X-Rays are one of the most common and useful methods of diagnostic imaging for cats. They provide detailed images of the internal structure of your cat, and can help to identify a wide range of health problems.

As leading Brisbane Cat Vets, we use the latest digital X-Ray technology to help diagnose and treat your feline friend. This means that we can provide you with high-quality images, and get an accurate diagnosis for your cat quickly and efficiently.

As a part of a routine checkup and a crucial step in illness prevention, you can rest assured that your pet is getting the best possible care.

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About Cat X-Rays

Cats are known to hide their pain and typically do not show ailments until they are very sick. This is one reason why regular wellness checkups, including yearly x-rays, are so important or ensuring that your cat is healthy inside and out.

X-Rays can protect your cat by picking up illnesses in their tracks before they become fatal. We understand how important your cat is to you, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your feline friend!

The House Call Vet Brisbane team is experienced in cat x-rays and will take every precaution to make sure your cat is relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

Cat X-Rays in Brisbane

Does Your Cat Need An X-Ray?

If you are concerned that your cat may be ill, or if they have been injured, then an X-Ray may be the best way to get a diagnosis. X-rays may either reveal a diagnosis, such as a broken bone or bladder stones or may furnish important information to direct further testing, such as an enlarged liver that may have several possible causes.

Cat X-Rays & Illness Prevention

Bone Fractures

An x-ray is the best way to diagnose a fracture and will help our team of vets to develop the best treatment plan for your cat.

Hip Dysplasia

In cats with hip dysplasia, the leg ball and socket do not fit or develop properly and will rub and grind instead of sliding smoothly. This results in deterioration over time and an eventual loss of function of the joint itself.

Heart Conditions

Cats with heart conditions, whether developed or congenital, can be difficult to diagnose without an x-ray. Heart disease is a catch-all term used to represent a number of issues that affects your cat’s heart or blood vessels and interferes with their normal functions.

Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory diseases are common in cats and can be diagnosed and confirmed via x-ray. By looking at the lungs and heart, our vets can check for infections, pneumonia, and other respiratory conditions.

Intestinal Obstructions

Cats are naturally curious, and many have a desire to eat or chew meat and fish which contains bones. If a bowel obstruction does occur, treating your cat with an x-ray will allow for prompt care and medical attention to help minimize the consequences.

Internal Trauma

After an accident, it is vital to bring your cat in for x-rays to rule out internal injuries. Many times, these types of injuries are not visible on the outside and can only be detected with imaging.


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What To Expect In A Cat X-Ray

Whether for a routine check-up or emergency care, the x-ray process is typically the same. Our practice incorporates an innovative house call service with state of the art clinics equipped with digital x-ray, dental x-ray, ultrasound, and in-house biochemistry and hematology.

To begin, during the initial consultation, we will ask you about your cat’s medical history and current condition. We will also perform a physical examination on your cat.

our team will put your feline on the imaging table and will position them in the way that gives us the clearest image possible. Most often, your can stay awake for your x-ray. However, if the cat needs to be in a complicated position, is in pain or is aggressive, they might require anaesthesia.

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