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For in-clinic and on-location medical care, we are a leading dog vet in Brisbane

Professional Dog Vet in Brisbane

Only The Best For Your Pet

From routine general consultations to surgical procedures and emergency veterinary care, The House Call Vet are proud to offer you excellent care for your canine companions.

With an experienced team, we are passionate about pets and are dedicated to bringing a comprehensive range of health, wellness and preventative services and compassionate care to the dogs and their owners.

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Mobile Dog Vet

We are dedicated to providing a stress-free vet experience for your dog, right in the comfort of your own home!

With our mobile vet clinics, you can say goodbye to the hassle of transport and waiting rooms, and hello to a happier, healthier pup.

Pet Emergency Care

If the unexpected happens, it's crucial to have a trusted team of dog vets by your side.

Our experienced veterinarians are equipped to handle a wide range of pet emergencies, from minor injuries to more serious illnesses that require critical care.

Flexible Booking Benefits

By bundling similar non-urget appointments, surgical services and procedures on the same day, we can maximise set up costs.

This allows us to pass on savings to you and make our top-notch services even more affordable. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

The Dog Clinic Your Pet Would Choose

Tailored & Individualised Services

Every pet is different, with their own personalities and unique needs. That’s why at our veterinary clinic, we provide personalised care and attention to ensure that each pet receives the individualised treatment they deserve.

We take the time to understand your concerns, address your questions, and perform a thorough assessment at each appointment. This approach helps us develop a comprehensive and fully tailored treatment plan that addresses your dog’s specific needs, including medical and surgical services.

As a cherished member of your family, your pup deserves the very best care. our friendly and experienced dog vets work hard to make every visit as stress-free as possible. Schedule your appointment today!


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Your Trusted Canine Vet

The Care You & Your Pet Love!

Our experienced veterinarians are dedicated to helping your dog maintain optimal health throughout every stage of their life. We believe in the importance of regular health reviews and appointments, which aid in diagnosing, treating, and even avoiding issues before they become serious, which is why we offer a range of general and routine services that helps ensure your companion’s health and well-being.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference that our patient-centric approach can make for your furry friend.


Protecting your pet's health starts with preventive care. We offer offers comprehensive vaccination programs tailored to your pet's specific needs. From essential puppy vaccinations to booster shots for adults, helping them lead a healthy and happy life.

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X-Rays & Regular Checkups

Our X-ray services provide detailed insights into your pet's health, allowing for the early detection of potential issues. Combined with routine checkups, we offer a proactive approach to healthcare, allowing us to address any concerns promptly and keep your pet thriving!

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Saying Goodbye

Making the decision to say goodbye iis one of the most challenging decisions. Our compassionate euthanasia service ensures a peaceful and loving environment prioritising you and your pet's comfort during this difficult time.

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Two Convenient Vet Clinic Locations Across Brisbane

Find Your Nearest House Call Vet

Finding a reliable vet can be a struggle! But, with two convenient clinic locations in Kenmore and Sunnybank Hills, our purpose-built veterinary practices caring for your dogs have never been easier. 

Equipped with comprehensive facilities for in-clinic care like surgeries, x-rays, dental procedures and more, our clinics serve as regional “vet hospitals.”

Rest assured that your pets are in capable hands with our team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pet. 

Whether you choose our house call service or visit us at one of our clinics, you can trust that your pup is in good hands! 

Comprehensive Services For Your Canines

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