What to expect from your appointment with The House Call Vet

We have provided an appointment time range to account for variables (like traffic) that are often outside of our control.

We know that sometimes unexpected things come up and plans change so we will always call to let you know our anticipated arrival time. If we are unable to reach you, we will leave a voicemail (and send an SMS!) asking you to contact us to confirm our arrival time is still suitable for you. To ensure we can see all patients for the day we are unable to attend an appointment until it has been confirmed. In the event we are unable to confirm your appointment we will reschedule your pet’s appointment to the next available time range (this may be on another day).


Our standard consultations are 20 minutes. This allows plenty of time for our vets to get to know your pet and provide the care they need. Please let us know before the day of your appointment if your pet has multiple health concerns or if you think you may need an extended appointment.

If you are unable to attend the appointment in person, we request that you are available on the phone to discuss treatment options and to settle the account.

Have more than 1 pet? We would be delighted to check them all over while we are visiting!  Just let our team know prior to your visit so we can dedicate enough consulting time to care for them all thoroughly. 

Please note that each additional pet is charged a reduced consult fee of $72.50

If we are coming to see your feline friend, please ensure they are kept inside, preferably in a smaller room with no places to hide!  This means we can examine your cat more quickly and minimise their stress.

Please also have shy dogs on a lead or resting in a smaller room.

Chickens and other birds should be confined to a smaller cage to ensure they are able to be handled with minimal stress to them.


If your pet has had any changes to urination or defecation or is over 7 years of age, then collecting a urine or faecal sample prior to our visit can be a very helpful. Samples can be collected up to 24 hours prior to our visit and stored in the fridge.  We can test these samples onsite and have results in as little as 5 minutes! Your vet will advise if they feel either of these tests are needed.


In some cases, we may need to admit your pet to one of our clinics for additional care. We will transfer them into one of our clinics so that they can receive their treatment and transfer them home to you after their stay with us! There are no fees for our transfer service to and from our clinics.


Each of our Mobile Veterinary Units are equipped with mobile EFTPOS facilities to ensure convenient and easy payment at the time of consult. If your pet requires hospital admission for any additional treatment, we will provide you with an estimate range. In some cases, a deposit will be required at time of admission.

Invoices need to be settled at the time of service being provided – we are not able to offer accounts.

Should you have any further concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to call on 1300 838 868.


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