Bird Vet Services In Brisbane

Looking for first class bird vets? We bring dedicated veterinary care to your pets in Brisbane!

Caring For Birds Of Every Feather

 Much Like us, and any other pet, birds too can become ill and require the care of a bird vet. The staff at The House Call Vet offer a comprehensive veterinary service for bird owners.

Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, we treat all feathery friends, from parrots and finches to chickens and ducks!

As highly qualified bird vets, with clinics based in Brisbane, we cater to each pet with the utmost care and respect ensuring you have the peace of mind that your beloved companion is in trusted, knowledgable hands.

Open 7 Days a Week

In-Home Vet Service

Quick, Quality Care

Keep Your Bird Chirping

Quality Care, Where You Need It.

Finding good quality, experience care for your feathered friends in Brisbane can be a challenge. The House Call Vet is a 100% Australian owned bird vet, established to provide quality vet services for birds of every kind!

With standard consults starting from $93.70, and after-hours consults from $193.70, we are your affordable bird vet ensuring your feathered friend receives the best care.

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A Healthy Bird Is A Happy Bird

Superior Service. Quality Guidance.

Birds make gorgeous pets, but to keep them happy, healthy and as beautiful as ever takes regular and delicate care. This is where our dedicated team of avian doctors come in!

As the number of exotic pet ownership grows, the need for dedicated, personalised care has increased. Many general vet clinics do not provide the healthcare and husbandry requirements of birds. With knowledge in this field, our team of doctors and nurses are able to give your birds the superior care they need, when they need it.

If you notice your feathered friend refuses to eat, is lethargic or acts in a way that is unusual to them and their personality, a check-up by your local bird vet can help set your mind at ease. During our consult, we can help create an understanding of your pet’s behaviour and determine the best course of treatment to restore their health and joy.

If you suspect your bird is experiencing the following symptoms be sure to visit or contact your local The House Call Vet:


Shy Behaviour

Constant Fluffing

Pain or Discomfort

Change In Droppings

Watery Eyes


Frequent Drinking

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Keeping Your Flock In Top Condition

Your Reliable Bird Vet

Our mission is to provide dedicated and outstanding veterinary care. With our experience in the unique needs of birds and combined with years dedicated to training and learning, we offer veterinary care of the highest standard.

We are a leading vet service and hospital in Brisbane, where our highly qualified vets practice a wide range of pet care. At our Sunnybank and Kenmore surgery, we are fully equipped and ready to meet all your routine and emergency vet care needs. 

A team who practice the highest possible standard of care

Genuine animal lovers who will treat your pets as our own!

A strong focus on continuing education for our staff.

Healthy Pets, Happy Owners!

Can't Get To Us?

Our Mobile Vet Clinic

Your avian friend is already ill and stressed. Why make a stressful situation worse with travel?

The House Call Vet come to you to take care of your beloved bird, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our Mobile veterinary units come fully equipped ith all the drugs and equipment needed to prof\vide superior care for your bird.

We serve all Brisbane pets from Monday To Sunday, 7am to 12am! Book your house call today!

A mobile laboratory to perform multiple in-house tests

A fully stocked and equipped veterinary pharmacy

Safe ambulance fully equipped to treat emergencies

We fit into your busy schedule, not the other way round.

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Our Services For Birds In Need

At The House Call Vet, we focus on helping pets who require urgent and critical veterinary care. Some of our services include:

Routine Consults

After Hours House Call

Digital X-Ray

Dental Procedures



Minor to Complex Surgeries



Brisbane's Leading Mobile Vet Clinic