The Importance Of Pet Vaccinations

The Importance Of Pet Vaccinations

Understanding Pet Vaccinations

The last thing we want is for our pets to fall ill. Pet vaccinations are a vital weapon in the fight against the many diseases that threaten our beloved pets.

As our loyal companions, we want to see our pets happy, healthy and full of life! One of our main responsibilities as pet owners is to care for their health.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Preventative measures are crucial to the well being of your pet. There are many different viruses and infections that can affect our beloved animals, some of which can be incredibly serious and potentially fatal.

Unfortunately, it is not only coughs and sneezes that spread bacteria, diseases and other germs that can make our pets sick. Vaccines work to provide immunity from a range of infectious diseases that can affect both pets and their owners. Thus, vaccinations are less expensive than a hefty vet bill for treating a sick pet with a preventable condition.

Core & Non-Core Pet Vaccines

Veterinarians will typically distinguish between ‘core vaccines’ and ‘non-core vaccinations.’

Core vaccines are crucial for all dogs and cats as they protect against widespread yet preventable diseases, such as the Parvovirus.

Non-core vaccines are optional vaccines that are only given to pets based on their risk of exposure, such as their lifestyle and where they live.

Decisions regarding and whether your pet needs a non-core vaccine should be discussed with your vet, who will consider age, lifestyle, health conditions, location and other risk factors. As experts, they are able to make the most informed decision on the best preventative vaccines for your furry friend.

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Stop The Spread Of Disease

Sadly, many of the disease pets catch when they are not vaccinated are fatal. Even if your pet is able to recover, they can be left with long term problems that is costly to treat.

Today, studies have shown that the use of vaccines have prevented disease and illness in millions of pets around the world. Although some formerly common diseases are now rare, vaccinations are still recommended as these diseases can still be found in the environment.

It is recommended that puppies or kittens begin a vaccine routine at 6-8 weeks old. Young pets require boosters every 2-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. This is to ensure their immune system is given enough stimulation to provide protection when exposed to a disease.

As they get older, boosters are only required every 1-3 years, depending on the disease and vaccine type.

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Protecting Our Pets With Pet Vaccines

Keeping your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and proper pet development.

As dog owners, there is no doubting the joys that a happy active dog brings. Vaccines are essential to ensuring your pet remain as happy and active as ever! This is especially important if they are in regular contact without other pets.

Having your dog vaccinated can help prevent them from the following diseases:

Cats are independent, intelligent, and social creatures. As most cats love to explore, it is critical to ensure they are safe from catching infectious diseases.

Although there has been some debate on the dangers of excessive vaccination, discussing your pets needs and lifestyle with your vet will help you determine the best vaccination schedule that best suits your feline friend.

Having your cat vaccinated can help prevent them from the following diseases:

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Protecting With Pet Vaccinations

Worried you aren’t up to date with vaccines? Depending on the age of your pet and when they were first vaccinated, your vet may recommend restarting their vaccination course to ensure they have build up the necessary immunity to protect themselves from infectious disease.

Until your pet has been fully vaccinated and your vet is happy that they are protected against infectious diseases, be sure to keep them away from unvaccinated animals and avoid environments that are not your home and yard.

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The Importance Of Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccines have changed the course of infectious diseases in ways that practically no other modern medical discovery has! It has been credited to saving more lives than any other medical treatment available.

Every pet needs a trusted veterinarian partnering with their owner to provide the best care possible. The House Call Vet offer premium vaccinations and preventative therapies for both dogs and cats to increase their longevity, resistance to disease, and overall quality of life!

We consult from 7 am to midnight 7 days a week so that we can always be there for you and your pet, no matter what level of care they need.

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