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Just like children, puppies depend on us for everything, from quality food and toys to lots of love and superior vet care. This includes puppy vaccinations throughout their first year of life.

The House Call Vet is an Australian-owned and operated veterinary clinic that provides you and your pets with the individual attention and skilled, compassionate care that you deserve. With clinics in Sunnybank and Kenmore, we also serve patients across Brisbane in our fully equipped Mobile Veterinary Units.

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Jumpstart Your Puppy’s Immune System

A newborn puppy isn’t naturally immune and is highly susceptible to infectious diseases. Although they receive protection through antibodies in their mother’s milk, this is not long-lasting and will fade as they age.

In their first year of life, puppies will need to visit their vet for a series of routine vaccinations so they can be immunised against potentially fatal, yet preventable infectious diseases. A typical puppy vaccination schedule begins in the first few months of life and is given 3 to 4 weeks apart with the final vaccination in the series is administered as early as 12 weeks old and as late as 16 weeks old.

Visit The House Call Vet or give us a call and we can help you learn more about the importance of puppy vaccination. We can also assist you in scheduling your puppy vaccination in Brisbane, so your beloved companion lives a long, healthy and happy life.

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Puppy Vaccinations and Your Lifestyle

Vaccination remains the single most effective method for protecting against viral and contagious diseases amongst healthy pets. Just like children, dogs and puppies need vaccinations against dangerous viral and bacterial diseases. Without proper vaccinations, your pet is left unprotected.

Vaccines do so much more than simply protect your pet! Not only do they keep your pet healthy, but they help avoid costly treatments for preventable illness as well as prevent the spread of certain diseases, such as rabies, to you and your family. Maintaining a regular vaccination routine is important, even for pets who remain indoors, as many diseases are airborne and can remain in the environment for many years. There are many different types of vaccines to consider for your puppy or older dogs. Where some are administered alone, others require a sequence of doses.

All dogs are unique, with a variety of factors that can influence what vaccination is best for your pet. This includes age, breed, gender, environment, family, overall health and risk of exposure. When you choose The House Call Vet, you can trust that your companion will receive the finest care. We strive to meet your needs for first-class veterinary care in Brisbane with caring, compassion, and commitment!

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Fatal Yet Preventable

Keeping Your Puppy Safe

There are two different types of vaccinations that your dog should receive.

Non-Core vaccines are given depending on your pet’s environmental exposure and lifestyle. These vaccinations protect against diseases such as Lyme Disease, kennel cough and leptospirosis. Core vaccines are deemed mandatory for all dogs as they protect against easily transmitted and/or deadly. illnesses such as: 

Canine Distemper is a highly contagious viral disease that affects a dog’s respiratory tract (lungs), gastrointestinal tract (gut) and nervous system (brain). 

Infectious canine hepatitis or canine adenovirus is a viral disease spread by contact with infected animals, their stools, urine or saliva. It affects the liver, kidneys and cells lining the blood vessels.

Canine Parvovirus, also known as Cat Flu, is is a very common viral disease that is deadly and usually strikes young puppies. It spreads by infected dogs’ blood, stools or vomit.

Canine Parainfluenza is another infectious viral disease that can be one of the causes of Bordetella Bronchiseptica or “kennel cough”. It affects the respiratory tract and spreads quickly among dogs close to one another.

Rabies is a viral infection that affects the central nervous system and can result in paralysis or death which is why this vaccination is so crucial for your puppy’s health. Sometimes, a titre test is performed to test if your pet has been immunised against rabies if proof of vaccination is needed

We can help assess your pet’s health and lifestyle and work with you to create a personalised schedule of vaccines to keep your four-legged friend healthy.

Affordable & Accessibile Vet Care

The House Call Vet strive to make our veterinary care affordable for all pet owners and continue to grow our service areas to ensure all pets across Brisbane have the opportunity to receive the best care possible.

We run a complimentary pet transport service that makes organising in-clinic procedures easy and stress-free!

Our convenient payment plans through third-party providers such as Humm and Vetpay allow you to manage payments in small instalments.

For non-urgent, in-clinic procedures ask about our Flexible Booking Benefit. By allowing us to choose the day and clinic for your pet’s procedure, we are able to improve cost and efficiency by booking similar procedures on the same day.

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