Why Is Microchipping A Must?

Why Is Microchipping A Must?

Microchipping Your Companion

Every pet owner’s greatest fear is the risk of being unintentionally separated from their companion. Unfortunately, from an open front door and a hole in the wall to opportunistic thieved, there are a number of ways a pet can escape or get lost. No matter the reason for your separation, this can be devastating for both you and your pet.

Collars and ID tags are used by many responsible pet owners to protect their dogs. However, this is not a foolproof strategy as these collars can easily fall off or break, leaving your pet among countless unidentifiable strays.

The loss of a pet and the worry it brings is more than enough reason to microchip your pet. Read on for the basics on pet microchipping, how it works and why microchipping is a must.

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What is Microchipping?

A microchip is a small, rice sized device that acts as a permanent method of electronic identification for pets. It is implanted in a simple procedure by a veterinarian who uses a needle to place it just beneath the skin between a pet’s shoulder blades and the back of their neck so that it may be easily scanned.

Unlike traditional collars and ID tags, Microchips cannot break or fall off, providing permanent protection and identification. A microchip is a life long technology that uses no battery and needs no energy.

Each chip has a unique number that is recorded on a database registry with details about the animal and owner. It is crucial for pet owners to keep their details updated, so should their pet wander or get lost they are only a phone call away.

Both dogs and cats can be microchipped. Microchipping has been attributed to a large decline in the number of reported strays, so much so that, in most states and territories, it is now required to have your four-legged friend microchipped.

What It Can And Can’t Do

A microchip contains a unique serial number that belongs to your pet that contains your contact details, such as phone number, email and home address. If a pet is found, a handheld scanner is used to read the chip and displays the information.

While microchipping is an effective tool to help reunite lost and missing pets with their owners, they do have several limitations that owners should understand. This technology does not automatically update as contact details change. This needs to be done manually and promptly to ensure that you can be contacted if needed.

Although the chip is placed between the shoulder blades, it is common for them to shift and move making it difficult for the scanner to find. Thus, a yearly scan is recommended to ensure the chip is where it needs to be.

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A Collar is Not Enough

Even if a pet remains inside and rarely goes outdoors, a microchip, collar and ID tags are still recommended. Accidents happen, and it only takes a few minutes for your pet to slip past and out an open door, window or gate.

Sadly, many pets and stray animals that are found end up in shelters with no means of identification. Many of these shelters are overcrowded and have to euthanise these animals because their owners cannot be located.

In addition to being a life long identifier, microchipping your pet can save its life and have you reunited in no time.

There are a number of additional benefits to why microchipping is a must.

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Why should Pet Parents Care?

Many pets are important members of a family, and when they become lost have no way of telling someone where they live. Microchipping is a must as it gives your pet a voice and helps communicate much needed information to get home.

While new methods of identifying your pet may be developed and used, microchipping is currently the best way to identify your companion. It is safe, inexpensive and almost all shelters will scan for a microchip upon arrival, so you may be reunited with your pet as quickly as possible.

Why Is Microchipping a Must?

The day your pet goes missing, you will be grateful for the time and work you put into having your pets microchipped and keeping their information up to date. Choose the smart way to take care of your best friend and have your pet protected with microchipping

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