Secrets To A Stress Free Vet Visit

Secrets To A Stress Free Vet Visit

Take The Pet Out Of Petrified

Secrets To A Stress Free Vet Visit: Human or animal, no one likes a doctor’s visit! From wrangling cats into their carrier to keeping your dog calm in the waiting room, vet visits can be stressful! However, regular visits and routine check-ups could mean the difference between preventative and chronic care.

Almost every pet parent has experienced a stressful vet visit, and it is for this reason that many of our beloved pets forgo the benefits of preventative medicine. However, any anxiety your pet may feel is often outweighed by the advantages of a complete veterinarian inspection.

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Secrets To A Stress Free Vet Visit

Make Your Appointment Fear Free!

With the discomfort, pain and stress associated with vet visits, it doesn’t take long for our pets to recognise the signs of an impending trip. Not only does stress negatively affect pets and create psychological trauma, but it can also become so severe that important test results are skewed, and their immune system is weakened.

Here are some tips to follow to make your vet visit stress-free.

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Secrets To A Stress Free Vet Visit

Practice Handling

Your pet will be handled often during their lifetime, whether this is for cuddles, grooming or check-ups. Some pets may enjoy this attention where others may feel uncomfortable, especially at first. This can make vet appointments quite difficult. 

A vet may have to touch your pet in places they are not used to, such as their mouth or ears. Handling may involve anything from picking your pet up, and inspecting eyes, ears teeth and paws to touching around their legs and lifting their tails.

Ensuring your pet is comfortable with being touched and handled is the first step to a stress free vet visit. The best way to tackle this is having your pet get used to being handled from an early age. Easily done with positive reinforcement with food and affection, this can make appointments a more enjoyable experience.

Practice daily handling with young pets until they are comfortable with it. As with any training regular practice throughout their life is crucial.

The Pet Carrier is Your Friend

Most pets only see their carrier when it’s time to go to the vet and interpret it as a warning that something “terrible” is on its way! This is comparable to leashes and car trips.

This may be prevented by making their carrier an everyday item. Create this as a spot where they may voluntarily relax and associate with positive experiences. It is critical not to force them into the crate in order to avoid negative associations and discomfort. They will eventually step in on their own (with some persuasion in the form of toys, food, and attention!)

Getting them used to their carrier will make transportation much simpler!

Keep Calm

Vet appointments, even routine check-ups, can prove to be stressful. You are worried about your pet’s health, the cost of consultation and whether you can afford the trip. These are all understandable concerns, but our companions are intuitive and incredibly sensitive to our feelings and emotions.

If you are worried about an upcoming appointment, your pet is able to pick up on these emotions. They will then become anxious themselves. Project a calm demeanour, speak in soft, soothing tones and avoid excessive petting. Your pet will pick up on your calming ques and will begin to relax too.

Furthermore, being properly prepared for a visit can relieve not just your worry, but also that of your pet. Make sure you have everything you need, that you arrive on time, and that you understand what is expected of you. This makes your appointment visit faster, smooth, and less stressful.

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Bring A Toy

Most pets have a favourite toy, especially when they are feeling down. Much like a child with a teddy bear, the familiarity and comfort provided by such an item cannot be overstated!

Some pets will carry it from the moment they enter the car to the moment they return home! If your pet must stay overnight, it is beneficial to ask your vet to keep their toy in their sleeping area.

Practice Car Trips

Some pets love car rides, as this means adventure! However, much like a carrier, many pets associate car rides with vet trips.

To avoid this, take your pet on trips that do not end in a visit to the vet. From taking them to a new location for a walk or a simple ride around the block, your pet will soon relax and enjoy the ride!

It is always important to never leave your pet in the car. Whether in cold or hot weather, leaving your pet unsupervised can be incredibly dangerous. You should only take your pet with you if you intend on taking them out of the car too.

Reward Good Behaviour

Positive reinforcement is the most useful tool at any pet owner’s disposal. Ensure you go to every vet appointment with your pet’s favourite snack. In doing so, you can reward them when they are displaying any positive behaviour, such as sitting calmly, tolerating handling, and touching, or returning when you call them. 

Additionally, you may also want to reward your pet after every treatment or checks, no matter how small! Soon, your pet will see vet check-ups and treatment as a good experience.

Schedule Appointments According To Your Pet’s Fears

This tip is particularly useful for anxious pets who are prone to acting out. When scheduling a routine appointment, choose times of day when it is less likely to be crowded. This allows you to avoid jam-packed waiting rooms filled with other anxious pets and owners.

If this is not an option for you, waiting outside may give some relief for your frightened pet.

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Secrets To A Stress Free Vet Visit

If All Else Fails

Bringing your pet to the vet can be a stressful and upsetting experience. For both your pet and you as an owner!

There are many reasons why owners may consider mobile vet and in-home pet care a better choice than a traditional trip to the veterinarian office. From a busy schedule to have your companion be more comfortable in a familiar environment.

Feel your pet cannot handle the stress of transport or in-clinic veterinary care? You may want to consider a veterinary house call.

Mobile Vet

At home vet services are designed to take the stress out of visiting a traditional veterinary clinic.

When a pet becomes stressed while travelling and in a veterinary environment, adrenaline is released which alters your pet’s behaviour and can mask or alter clinical signs and tests. One major benefit to at-home vet care is that your pet is more relaxed in a familiar environment, allowing professionals to accurately diagnose and provide treatment where necessary.

However, home visits are not the best form of care when it come to accidents and acute illness. If you are uncertain whether an at-home visit is suitable for you, contact your local mobile vet. As experts they will gladly advise you!

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Secrets To A Stress Free Vet Visit

The House Call Vet can perform most routine consultations and procedures in the comfort of your own home! These home consultations allow our mobile vets to accurately assess the behaviour and medical history of your pet.

Our Mobile veterinary units have all the equipment necessary to examine your pet and provide necessary emergency and routine care. 

We consult from 7 am to midnight 7 days a week. We will always be there for you and your pet, no matter what level of care they need.

 Book For Your Medical Advice, Diagnosis or Treatments Today!

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