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The House Call Vet are a team of dedicated, experienced individuals who specialise in the treatment of animals requiring emergency vet care. Our professional vet hospital means you can give your furry friends the high quality routine and emergency vet care they need when they need it. 

We understand the stress that transporting pets can cause- This is why we come to you!

Open 7 Days a Week

In-Home Vet Service

Quick, Quality Care

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If you have questions and think your pet might be able to be seen on-site, call us on 1300 838 868, and we can help.

Does Your Pet Emergency Care?

 If your pet is severely injured or ill and requires emergency and critical care, please contact us to arrange mobile veterinary transportation, or visit our Kenmore or Sunnybank Vet Hospital clinics.

Our emergency veterinary care does not require an appointment, but please note that all pets and animals requiring emergency care will be attended to in the order of severity.

We are also open weekends and public holidays from 7am to 12am!

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When Do You Need Vet Hospital Services?

You know your pet better than anyone else. Being your pet’s best friend and care provider means you will notice when your pet is experiencing worrying symptoms of discomfort or illness. 

This means you can help identify when your furry friend is unwell, allowing us to provide the expert hospital care and medical treatment your pet needs. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent your pet’s condition from worsening or developing into something more. If you suspect your pet is ill, unwell or injured, be sure to visit your local The House Call Vet as soon as possible, or contact us to make use of our mobile veterinary services.

Many animals suffer accidents where it is advisable not to move them around. This can cause trouble and further harm if pet owners transport the injured animal to the vet without a professional veterinarian on site. 

More so, due to the recent events in 2020 – many pet owners are cautious of leaving their home to visit a veterinarian. We are here to solve this problem for you as our professional and friendly veterinary specialists come to your door to assist you and your pet! 

If you suspect your pet is experiencing the following symptoms be sure to visit or contact your local The House Call Vet:


Shy Behaviour


Pain or Discomfort


Watery Eyes

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Professiona Vet Hospital | Emergency Vet Care Services

Why THCV for Emergency Hospital Services?

Your pet’s health is our number one priority. We are a fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic servicing the greater Brisbane area. We save your pets unnecessary stress by coming straight to your home in times of animal and pet emergencies.

The House Call Vet is a convenient and stress-free mobile veterinary alternative for you and your pets, big or small. Our clients always receive personalised service and follow-ups directly from our veterinarians. Our mission is to revolutionise veterinary care in Brisbane by offering high-tech, state of the art veterinary clinics directly to the doors of sickly pets during times of emergency. 

Our experienced team can accomplish almost anything at home: vaccinations, heartworm injections, lump checks, ear/eye/skin problems, blood tests, palliative care, arthritis injections & home euthanasia.

When your pet becomes suddenly unwell, we want to be able to see them straight away. When your pet needs in-hospital care, we can look after them at one of our clinics.

We Are Passionate About Vet Care

We’re a caring team who practice the highest possible standard of Veterinary care for your pets.

We’re a group genuine animal lovers who will treat your pets as our own!

We fit into your schedule, not the other way round.

A strong focus on continuing education for our staff.

Our Mobile Vet Hospital

A mobile laboratory with microscope, centrifuge, and multiple in-house tests (e.g. parvovirus, heartworm).

A mobile pharmacy with a complete range of drugs normally stocked in a veterinary clinic.

A safe patient transfer ambulance – complete with oxygen, intravenous fluid pumps, and secure enclosures.

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Mobile and In Home Vet Hospital

Palliative Care

When life has become too painful or old-age is making your pet’s day-to-day existence too difficult, we offer timely, sensitive home euthanasia services. We understand the grief that comes with having to euthanise a pet due to old age or illness. 

Our after hours veterinarians will euthanise your pet in a familiar environment. Surrounding them with familiar, friendly faces that love them will ensure that your pet is as comfortable and calm as possible.

You can be sure that your pet is being cared for with compassion during their final hours. You and your pet will receive nothing but comprehensive, dedicated care and support when you visit a House Call Vet clinic. Our team aims to provide the quality care your pet needs. We work tirelessly to ensure that their experience is as comfortable and convenient for them as possible.

Our Vet Hospital Services

Routine Consults

After Hours House Call

Digital X-Ray

Dental Procedures



Minor to Complex Surgeries




House Calls

When your pet becomes suddenly unwell, our team of house call vets and nurses are available to accommodate those short notice appointments.

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Who We Are

The House Call Vet offers both house call and in-clinic veterinary care. We build lasting relationships with our patients and their owners.

Our Clinics

The House Call Vet have multiple clinics across Brisbane; these state of the art facilities are located in Kenmore and Sunnybank.

Our Vets

Our exceptional team is comprised of 12 qualified veterinarians and 7 nurses; all of whom work extremely closely with patients and owners.

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