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Worried about your furry friend? Our 24/7 emergency service will have them back to purring in no time!

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Need A Reliable Emergency Vet?

If your pet is severely injured or ill and requires emergency vet care, please contact us to arrange mobile veterinary transportation, or visit our Kenmore or Sunnybank clinics.

Our emergency veterinary care does not require you to make an appointment, but please note that all pets and animals requiring emergency care will be attended to in the order of severity.

Open 7am to 12am, we ensure you receive the best possible care for your pet, regardless of the time of day. Our experienced staff veterinarians work hand-in-hand with talented nursing staff to ensure your pet gets the emergency care they need when they need it!

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Emergency Care in Fortitude Valley

Emergency Vet Care Services

The House Call Vet team comprises dedicated, experienced individuals who specialise in the treatment of animals requiring emergency vet care. Our after hours clinic services mean you can give your pet the quality emergency vet care they need, when they need it.

If you need an emergency vet, our clinics are open seven days a week until midnight. Our mobile veterinary service provides in-home care for pets with illnesses that do not require in-hospital care. Rest assured that your precious fur babies can get the care he or she needs in a safe environment, and in a hurry.


After Hours Emergency Vet for Pets In Fortitude Valley

We Bring Specialised Veterinary Care To Your Doorstep!

We are a fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic servicing the greater Brisbane area. We save your pets unnecessary stress by coming straight to your home in times of emergency. The House Call Vet is a convenient and stress free mobile veterinary alternative for you and your pets. Our clients always receive personalised service and follow-ups directly from our veterinarians. Our mission is to revolutionise veterinary care in Brisbane by offering high-tech, state of the art veterinary clinics directly to the doors of sickly pets during times of emergency. 

Our experienced team can accomplish almost anything at home: vaccinations, heartworm injections, lump checks, ear/eye/skin problems, blood tests, palliative care, arthritis injections & home euthanasia.

When your pet becomes suddenly unwell, we want to be able to see them straight away. When your pet needs in-hospital care, we can look after them at one of our clinics.

Quiet, Clean Environment

Our clinics and mobile veterinary units are purpose-built to be calming to ensure a stress-free appointment.

Skilled, Compassionate Team

We are a team of passionate animal lovers, who are dedicated to providing care of the highest standard.

Always Learning

We focus on continuous learning and innovation so we can provide efficient services that reduce costs and offer unbeatable value

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Have An Emergency?

Handling A Pet Emergency

Handling an animal emergency is a stressful experience, however, it is crucial to be prepared in the event an emergency were to arise.

Remain Calm

The most important step in handling a pet emergency is to remain calm. Pets are highly attuned to our emotions, so it is important to not transfer your stress to your pet as this may cause further harm.

Assess The Problem

Keeping calm allows you to assess the problem and pay attention to important details. Understand what happened is crucial, so we may successfully treat your pet.

Keep Any Objects

If you suspected your pet has ingested something, be sure to keep the offending packaging so we can better assess your pet’s symptoms.

Similarly, if your pet has been bitten, taking a photo or identifying the animal or insect is important for treatment.

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Affordable & Accessibile Vet Care

Your pet’s health is our number one priority. At The House Call Vet, we focus on the overall health of your pet, from routine and preventative health consults through to minor procedures.

The House Call Vet conducts check-ups, vaccinations, worming and other minor procedures. We provide regular vaccinations, worming, flea & tick treatments, microchipping and annual health checks. We also offer advice on behavioural issues and dietary recommendations. Vaccinations and heartworm prevention is also very important and should be part of every regular checkup.

When life has become too painful or old-age is making your pet’s day-to-day existence too difficult, we offer timely, sensitive euthanasia services. We understand the grief that comes with having to euthanise a pet due to old age or illness. Our mobile after hours vet clinic will come to your home and euthanise your pet in a familiar environment, ensuring that your pet is as comfortable and calm as possible before the procedure, and surrounding them with familiar, friendly faces that love them. You can be sure that your pet is being cared for with compassion during their final hours.

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Emergency Vet Fortitude Valley


Emergency vet care is not like routine vet care. An emergency requiring immediate veterinary attention is necessary when your pet is severely injured or extremely ill.
If your pet should become dangerously injured or suddenly become very ill, they will need prompt emergency vet care.

If your pet is behaving differently to how they normally behave, or shows signs of being ill or injured, you may want to bring them into our clinic for vet care. However, if your pet is experiencing or showing signs of the following, we would recommend bringing them in for immediate care:

  • trauma, such as being hit by a car
  • difficulty breathing
  • requiring a blood transfusion
  • in shock; signs of shock include weakness, pale gums, cold limbs and an abnormal heart rate
  • trouble urinating or not urinating at all
  • unable to eat on their own
  • life-threatening neurological diseases
  • poor recovery after surgery or minor procedures

If you suspect that your pet requires emergency vet care, you should try to bring them to a House Call Vet clinic as soon as possible. If you are unable to move your pet yourself, you can contact us to make use of our mobile veterinary services. Some emergencies can be attended to at your home and may not require transportation of your pet at all.

If your pet is ill, unwell or injured and in pain, it is likely that it will not behave the way your are used to it behaving. Try to remain calm and provide comfort to your pet. Take note of the following:

  • Pets can behave unpredictably when unwell, but especially when they are in pain. Be very cautious when handling your pet. Wrapping them in a blanket can help them feel more comfortable, warm and safe.
  • In some cases, it is advisable not to feed your pet when you suspect they are unwell or injured. Contact one of our clinics if you are uncertain.
  • If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned, try to bring what may have poisoned them with. This will help treat your pet faster as the veterinarian will know what to give your pet.
  • If your pet is bleeding, be sure to stem the flow with towelling until you can get your pet to the clinic, or until a veterinarian reaches your home.


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