Throughout spring and summer ticks, fleas and parasites are in full bloom and are looking for a place to thrive.  While year-round prevention is important, during the warmer months we need to be particularly vigilant with our pets’ preventative care. Parasites spend their time living on or inside our pets resulting in damage to our […]

Tick Bites In Cats: Everything You Need To Know

tick bites in cats

Tick bites in cats are a reality for Australians across the nation. With the onset of Spring comes the onset of the Tick Season in Brisbane. The Paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclis) is unique to the east coast of Australia. While some ticks have a different effect on the health of cats, certain ticks such as […]

Symptoms Of Cat Diabetes

symptoms of cat diabetes

It is crucial that cat owner understand how to spot the symptoms of cat diabetes. Eventually around 1 percent of all cats will suffer from diabetes somewhere. Diabetes is a disease in which the body produces excess glucose levels, either because it does not produce enough of the hormone insulin (Type I) or because the […]

When To Send Your Dog To An Emergency Vet

when to send your dog to an emergency vet

If you’re wondering when to send your dog to an emergency vet, these warning signs may help. Your dog is a family member: they ‘re your best friend, they ‘re enjoying your leftovers, and they’re joining you for walks in the morning. But your dog is unable to speak so how do you know when […]

Arthritis in Pets

Degenerative joint disease (often known as Arthritis) is inflammation of the joints. When arthritis develops, the cartilage lining of the joint wears down, causing inflammation, swelling and pain.