The dangers of hot cross buns to pets

Most pet owners are aware of the dangers of chocolate to pets, especially around Easter time when it enters the household by the kilos or is left out in the garden for the egg hunt. But did you know hot cross buns can be a major health hazard to pets too? Whether loaded with raisins, […]

Distracting yourself during your divorce

Sick of crying, feeling angry and upset, or just plain tired during your divorce proceedings? That’s not unusual. Even if the split is an amicable one, you’re parting ways with somebody you once loved and shared good times with. Taking care of ourselves often falls to the side at times like these and that’s actually […]

Three Great Pet Blogs You Need To Read

Three Great Pet Blogs You Need To Read We’re not the only pet blog out there. Of course, we may be the only vet’s who upkeep a blog. But there are some seriously entertaining and informative blogs suited for all types of animal lovers. Not only are pet blogs great and relevant to our interests. But […]