Symptoms Of Parvo In Puppies

symptoms of parvo in dogs

The last thing any new dog owner needs to hear is a parvo diagnosis. Parvo in puppies is, sadly, a common disease with fatal implications, which is why it is vital for people who deal with puppies on a regular basis to be aware of the symptoms of parvo in puppies and what to do […]

Tips on moving house with a pet

The average Aussie moves house 13 times in their lifetime. If you have a pet living with you, you can imagine the uncertainty and stress it can potentially cause for them. So if you are packing up and moving soon, we have gathered some helpful tips for the smoothest transition for you and your pets […]

Pet adoption guide

So you’ve decided it’s time to add a pet to your life. Fantastic! Adopting a pet from a rescue organisation is a great way to go. The benefits of adopting a pet are huge. You’re giving a pet a better life, and you’ll benefit from information on your pet’s personality from the rescue organisation. They […]

The dangers of hot cross buns to pets

Most pet owners are aware of the dangers of chocolate to pets, especially around Easter time when it enters the household by the kilos or is left out in the garden for the egg hunt. But did you know hot cross buns can be a major health hazard to pets too? Whether loaded with raisins, […]

Surrendering a pet

Making the decision to surrender a pet is never easy. Circumstances often change, or maybe you weren’t quite prepared for the costs and commitments that come with pet ownership. Whatever the reason, there are often steps you can take to help find a solution. Surrendering a pet should always be a last resort. It should […]

Camping with Pets near Brisbane

Is this the best time of year to go camping with your dog or what?! After a long and busy year, no doubt you’re in need of some overdue R&R in the great outdoors to reconnect with nature and spend some serious downtime with your loved ones – both human and furry. We’re so lucky […]

Santa Pawtraits

Christmas is nearly here which means if you haven’t already booked your pet photos with Santa it’s time to get moving! Why would I want my pet to have their photo taken with Santa you might ask? Well, apart from making an adorable pic for the photo album and getting dozens of warm and fuzzy […]

Brisbane’s best Pet-friendly cafes – Part II

You wrote, we listened! With so many fantastic pet-friendly cafes in Brisbane these days, one list simply isn’t enough. So we’ve put together a second offering that will keep you and your pooch busy for many weekends to come. Try a different one each week or find your favourite and become regulars who have their […]

Brisbane’s best Pet-friendly cafes

Is there anything better than going out for brunch to your favourite café on the weekend with your doggo by your side? We’re spoilt for choice with pet-friendly cafes in Brisbane these days. There are literally dozens not only welcoming our four-legged friends but catering for them now too. While ordering a special treat for […]