Winter is Coming!

It’s starting to get cold! Which means it’s that time of year when our elderly pets might start showing new or more noticeable symptoms of arthritis. Symptoms can include

  • slowness to rise/get up
  • reluctance to jump
  • limping or a stiff gait
  • difficulty using stairs or getting up onto furniture

Without being able to tell us how they’re feeling, our pets rely on us to pick up on these little clues to know that there is a problem! If you’re noticing any of these symptoms with your dog or cat, now’s a great time to get them some help and ease any pain or discomfort that they might be feeling!

This winter, The House Call Vet is doing our bit to help out Brisbane pets with some fantastic offers on arthritis management!

This month we’re offering FREE ARTHRITIS CONSULTATIONS to new clients who haven’t used The House Call Vet before.

Our in-home arthritis consultations are usually $72.50. These consultations typically take 30-60min and include a thorough physical examination of your pet at your home, review of their medical record with you, and assessment of your pet’s environment. We will also discuss all of the available management techniques for arthritis and guide you as to which would be most useful to your pet.

If you’re already an existing client of The House Call Vet, don’t worry – we have special offers for you too. If you book your pet in for a 4 week course of Cartrophen or Zydax arthritis injections this June, we’ll perform the final 4th injection completely free of charge! If you haven’t heard of these injections before, you can get more information here. Or to book in now, click here!

In addition, for every arthritis consultation that we see in the month of June, we’re giving away a starter sachet of 4cyte Joint Supplement for dogs and cats- one of the newest and most effective joint supplements available for pets. For more information about 4cyte, click here.

Book now for your pet’s consultation, or get in touch with us for more information.


  1. Free arthritis consultations are available to new clients only, who have not used The House Call Vet before.
  2. New clients may only claim one (1) free arthritis consultation for one (1) pet. Additional pets can be examined at the time of the free consultation, but will be charged a standard consultation fee.
  3. Free arthritis consultations must be booked at least 3 days in advance. For example, to arrange a consultation for Friday 10th June, you should contact us by Tuesday 7th June to arrange the appointment.
  4. Total value of the free consultation is $72.50. Additional diagnostic tests, medications or merchandise will be charged at regular prices and must be paid for at the time of consultation.
  5. Free arthritis consultations include a full review of your pet’s medical history and a complete physical examination. Additional medical problems that are detected during this process (e.g. skin problems, new lumps) can be discussed as part of the free consultation. However additional diagnostic tests, medications or merchandise will be charged at regular prices and must be paid for at the time of consultation. Please advise us in advance if you would like to discuss conditions unrelated to your pet’s arthritis.
  6. The free consultation is not redeemable for cash.


  1. Offer is available to both new and existing clients of The House Call Vet.
  2. To qualify for the free injection, all 4 injections must be performed by The House Call Vet.
  3. First injection is performed in conjunction with a standard consultation.
  4. Total cost of the course of injections will vary according to weight of pet which determines dose given. Estimates can be provided at client’s request.

FREE 4CYTE STARTER SACHET Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer is for a ten (10) gram sachet of 4cyte valued at $12.30.
  2. Limit of one (1) per client (not per pet).
  3. Offer available to both new and existing clients of The House Call Vet.

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