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Much like humans, your pets can experience sudden medical problems at any time. Your playful dog or active cat can quickly exhibit symptoms of serious health conditions. Seeking after-hours emergency vet care is critical in ensuring your pet is cared for.

The House Call Vet is a fully staffed, Australian-owned vet clinic specialising in comprehensive vet care for animals large and small!. With clinics based in Kenmore and Sunnybank, we also offer an at home and after hours mobile clinic that services patients across Brisbane!

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Whether it is out of office hours, or they do not have the necessary transport, there are a number of reasons pet owners can’t get their companion to a vet clinic in the event of an animal emergency.

The House Call Vet offers a stress-free and convenient mobile veterinarian solution for you and your pets, large or small. From emergency and urgent care to weekly checks, our skilled staff can do it all at home!

Our Mobile Veterinary Units are fully equipped and ready to aid in pet emergencies across Brisbane. All cases are seen with the least possible delay, at the discretion of our staff and doctors. 

After Hours Emergency Vet for Brisbane Pets

Who Says There Are No Second Chances?

We believe all pets deserve leading veterinary care and are dedicated to providing prompt, personalised care, no matter the hour. Combining the support of skilled and compassionate veterinary doctors, nurses and staff work together, we are proud to offer exceptional, efficient and affordable treatment for our patients (and their owners!)

Our team is unflappable in a crisis and are well versed in treating a number of emergency situations, from car accidents, broken bones and extreme bites to poisoning and respiratory issues. With a broad, in-depth knowledge we are able to reassure concerned owners and ensure they remain informed and updated. 

Quiet, Clean Environment

Our clinics and mobile veterinary units are purpose-built to be calming to ensure a stress-free appointment.

Skilled, Compassionate Team

We are a team of passionate animal lovers, who are dedicated to providing care of the highest standard.

Always Learning

We focus on continuous learning and innovation so we can provide efficient services that reduce costs and offer unbeatable value

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Have A Pet Emergency?

What To Do In An Emergency

As pet owners, we never want anything to happen to our pets, but, unfortunately, accidents happen! Pet emergencies can range from serious injury to sudden illness and acute allergic reactions. 

Learning how to respond can mean the difference between life and death. 

Stay Calm

Pets are extremely receptive to our emotions. In an emergency, if they sense that you are panicking, they will become stressed and anxious as well. 

Assess The Problem

Keeping calm allows you to assess the problem and pay attention to important details. This is crucial for us, so we may successfully treat your pet.

Keep Offending Objects

If you suspected your pet has ingested something, be sure to keep the offending packaging so we can better assess your pet’s symptoms.

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Affordable & Accessibile Vet Care

The House Call Vet strive to make our veterinary care affordable for all pet owners and continue to grow our service areas to ensure all pets across Brisbane have the opportunity to receive the best care possible.

We run a complimentary pet transport service that makes organising in-clinic procedures easy and stress-free!

Our convenient payment plans through third-party providers such as Humm and Vetpay allow you to manage payments in small instalments.

For non-urgent, in-clinic procedures ask about our Flexible Booking Benefit. By allowing us to choose the day and clinic for your pet’s procedure, we are able to improve cost and efficiency by booking similar procedures on the same day.

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Emergency after hours vet care is not like routine vet care. An emergency requiring immediate veterinary attention is necessary when your pet is severely injured or extremely ill. If your pet should become dangerously injured or suddenly become very ill, they will need prompt emergency vet care.

If your pet is behaving differently to how they normally behave, or shows signs of being ill or injured, you may want to bring them into our clinic for vet care. However, if your pet is experiencing or showing signs of the following, we would recommend bringing them in for immediate care:

  • trauma, such as being hit by a car
  • difficulty breathing
  • requiring a blood transfusion
  • in shock; signs of shock include weakness, pale gums, cold limbs and an abnormal heart rate
  • trouble urinating or not urinating at all
  • unable to eat on their own
  • life-threatening neurological diseases
  • poor recovery after surgery or minor procedures

If you suspect that your pet requires emergency vet care, you should try to bring them to a House Call Vet clinic as soon as possible. If you are unable to move your pet yourself, you can contact us to make use of our mobile veterinary services. Some emergencies can be attended to at your home and may not require transportation of your pet at all.

If your pet is ill, unwell or injured and in pain, it is likely that it will not behave the way your are used to it behaving. Try to remain calm and provide comfort to your pet. Take note of the following:

  • Pets can behave unpredictably when unwell, but especially when they are in pain. Be very cautious when handling your pet. Wrapping them in a blanket can help them feel more comfortable, warm and safe.
  • In some cases, it is advisable not to feed your pet when you suspect they are unwell or injured. Contact one of our clinics if you are uncertain.
  • If you suspect that your pet has been poisoned, try to bring what may have poisoned them with. This will help treat your pet faster as the veterinarian will know what to give your pet.
  • If your pet is bleeding, be sure to stem the flow with towelling until you can get your pet to the clinic, or until a veterinarian reaches your home.