Ekka Animals

It’s almost that time of year again when one of Brisbane’s most beloved pastimes, the Ekka, rolls around. Aside from the showbags, the dagwood dogs, the strawberry sundaes, Sideshow Alley, the fireworks and everything else there is to love about the Royal Queensland Show, there is also the animals. The Ekka is, after all, an […]

The dangers of hot cross buns to pets

Most pet owners are aware of the dangers of chocolate to pets, especially around Easter time when it enters the household by the kilos or is left out in the garden for the egg hunt. But did you know hot cross buns can be a major health hazard to pets too? Whether loaded with raisins, […]

Surrendering a pet

Making the decision to surrender a pet is never easy. Circumstances often change, or maybe you weren’t quite prepared for the costs and commitments that come with pet ownership. Whatever the reason, there are often steps you can take to help find a solution. Surrendering a pet should always be a last resort. It should […]

Dogs and Discipline

We all love our pets, but knowing what to do when they show undesirable behaviours or act inappropriately can be frustrating. Thankfully, there is plenty of up to date research to help pet owners along the way. Although well-meaning family or friends might tell you otherwise, dominance theory is well and truly outdated and using […]

Best apps for pet lovers

Knowing how to keep your pets healthy and happy has never been easier thanks to the huge variety of apps available on smartphones and tablets. Take a look at our list of five of the best apps for pet lovers. Paw Tracks – free When your dog is being cared for by multiple people with […]

All about pet insurance

Owning a pet is one of life’s biggest joys. They bring love and laughter into our homes and are part of the family. When a pet is injured or becomes ill, it can be highly distressing to have to make choices about their wellbeing based on costs. Unfortunately, these can be a lot more than […]